Welcome to PPLPAY
The UK’s 1st Charity Umbrella Company.

About us

Every penny of profit made from the PPLPAY service is shared out between our partnered charities, bringing wealth and prosperity to the veterinary industry as we continue our mission to improve the lives and wellbeing of animals, vets and pet-owners around the country.

PPL Pay was founded by 3 professionals with a combined 25 years’ experience in the veterinary care, healthcare and payroll industries. The premise behind PPL Pay was that, while the future of contracting was changing as a result of IR35 reforms and umbrella companies across the country were getting more business than ever, there should be an organisation which takes the administration and payroll side of the veterinary sector and uses it to re-invest in and improve the lives of those who keep the industry alive.

We are incredibly proud of the service that we provide at PPL Pay and are passionate about its growth. Every contractor who uses this service is another contractor who is directly benefiting themselves, their peers and the animals within the veterinary industry. Choosing to join PPL Pay can only ever be a positive choice, so join us today to turn your payroll into a positive process!