PPLPAY compliance information


We are fully compliant with IR35 legislation, the Employment Rights Act 1996 and the Agency Workers Regulations 2010. Compliance is of central importance of us, so that we can provide the most efficient and reliable service to our contractors, while ensuring the continuation of our charity profit donations.

As employers, we owe the following to all contractors who sign up to our service:

Pt.I Employment Rights Act 1996 – A clear contract of employment, stating the names of both you and us, your rights to holiday, leave and sick pay, information concerning your pension scheme and the notice requirements for leaving us.

Pt.II Employment Rights Act 1996 – Protection of your wages, by way of clear transparency as to how we treat your pay. You will receive a fully itemised payslip via email each week, to detail your gross pay, NIC and tax contributions, any deductions or expenses and net pay.

Pt.II, s27A Employment Rights Act 1996 – No umbrella company offering zero hours contracts can enforce exclusivity. You are free to join us and leave us when and where you see fit.

Pt.VI and Pt.VIII Employment Rights Act 1996 – You are entitled to time off work and statutory pay for public duties (i.e. jury service), maternity/paternity leave and sick leave at the same level as a normal employee would be.

The commitments above are central to our service. Our adherence to the Employment Rights Act 1996 ensures that you will gain all the same employment rights as an employee, despite your different working practices.

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