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The UK’s 1st totally charitable Umbrella Company.

What is PPLPAY

Every penny of profit made from the pplpay service will be shared out between our partnered charities and foundations. Bringing wealth and prosperity to every industry we operate within as we continue our mission to improve the lives of and wellbeing of all of our users and however far beyond that we can reach.

Mental Health

PPL PAY has been designed in acknowledgement of the hard working professionals that operate within the UK. It goes without saying we really wouldn’t be the UK without you. The research we have done has exposed some devastating statistics for UK industry, the UK Veterinary industry currently holding the highest rates of suicide in all of Europe, we just couldn’t allow it to continue!

Our mission is to provide a service that at its very core supports the organizations and foundations that offer the most support to the industries they operate within. We have chosen Street Vet and VetLife in support of the Veterinary industry however we will be open to discuss partnerships and future funding, provided the network vote in favor of the additional charitable foundation.

PPL PAY, along with our recruitment partners will strive continuously to build a network of dedicated professionals with the shared focus of providing a service that does what it says it’s going to – Our goal is to give £1Million away every year, to each sector we operate in, our weekly charge is £22 so, we need your support, simply switch your standard umbrella/payroll service to PPL PAY and start giving back straight away.


What is an Umbrella Company?

An umbrella company will employ you on a zero-hours contract, allowing you to continue finding and undertaking your own work while benefiting from all the employment benefits that an employee would. Each week, you send your timesheet to your umbrella company and they will chase up payments from the clients you work for, proceeding to deduct your taxes and national insurance contributions, before paying your net pay into an account of your choosing.

How do you benefit from using an Umbrella Company?

  • Employment rights

    Right to minimum wage, paid holiday, statutory sick pay, maternity/paternity pay

  • Pension

    The option of a pension

  • Simplicity

    Simplicity of your tax affairs are taken care of by your umbrella company

  • Claiming Expenses

    The option of claiming work related expenses

What makes PPL Pay different to other Umbrella Companies?

Guaranteed Payments

At an industry standard £22 per week, we will provide same-day guaranteed payments, taking on the responsibility of ensuring that your clients pay on time. If the client you have performed work for fails to pay on time, we will advance your payment to you and chase up the payment ourselves.

A Proper Understanding of the Industry

PPL Pay was built around the veterinary industry from the ground up. Besides our key understanding in all things payroll, we also understand the veterinary industry like no other umbrella company. Should you ever feel the need to contact our staff, you’ll be talking to people with knowledge of the industry, your profession and what it involves.

The UK’s First Non-profit Umbrella

Most importantly, every penny you spend on the PPL Pay service goes towards veterinary charities and the betterment of the veterinary sector itself. Our charity partners work for the free healthcare of homeless animals the overall wellbeing of our veterinary professionals, in an industry where the mental health of the workers is becoming more of a concern than ever.

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How it works

Employment & Contracts

You will be employed by PPL Pay Ltd under a zero-hours contract of employment. You find and undertake work, filling out your weekly timesheets and sending them to us at the end of the week.


We chase up your payments, process your taxes, NICs and other deductions or contributions.


The following Friday, you will be paid in arrears for the previous week’s work and we will proceed to repeat the weekly process, ensuring that you are paid every Friday consistently.

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Employment Benefits

As long as you continue to work with us, you will accrue employment rights and statutory holiday pay.